Lynx Softech is a globally recognized software development company that has been providing IT solutions, services, and software with mobile applications since 1989. It is one of the oldest software IT companies in Surat, previously known as "Galaxy Computer Consultants," and was renamed Lynx Softech in 2021.

The company offers the best software products and solutions in the computer world that are tailored to meet current needs while also providing future competitive advantages. Lynx is an integrated company that develops customized software and IT solutions for the diamond, educational, medical, and dental industries, including mobile applications.

With a vast client base in all business categories, including the diamond, educational, medical, and government sectors, Lynx has set out to provide world-class services at an affordable price without compromising strength and reliability. The company is now recognized as one of the leading web application solution providers in the industry.

Lynx Softech boasts a team of hardworking, honest, talented, and certified professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide superior service to its customers. The company's vision is to lead the way in software development and gain respect for professionalism by establishing the highest standards and values of service quality.


Empower clients through innovative solution delivered with precision and professionalism.


To be a beacon of innovation and service excellence in the software development industry, empowering clients to achieve their aspirations through transformative solutions.

Our Values




Work Culture

Work Culture

How Our Work Environment Drives Success?

At our company, we prioritize a flourishing and prosperous work culture that fosters a healthy and inspiring office environment. We recognize that a positive workplace culture not only benefits the company, but also the employees themselves, by contributing to a positive and prestigious reputation. Our employees share their vision with colleagues and build healthy professional relationships, working together in compatibility towards shared goals.

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Our Expertise

Crafting Innovative Solutions with Expertise and Precision

Lynx Softech specializes in various software fields, including developing and redesigning Windows, SQL, .Net, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Core and Flutter (Mobile application, Android, and iOS) software applications. Our expertise extends to healthcare, diamond industries, accounting, and educational software domains. Additionally, we develop Windows, web, and API applications using .Net, and provide product management services. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and strive to deliver intuitive and user-friendly software solutions to our clients. At Lynx Softech, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Why choose us?

Meeting Your Demands, Exceeding Your Expectations: On-Time and On-Point

IT support

IT Support

Lynx Softech offers customized software development and IT solutions to companies in the diamond, educational, medical, and dental industries, with mobile application development services.


Technology consulting

Lynx Softech specializes in Microsoft and mobile platforms, as well as backend technologies such as database development, management, server management, and backup solutions.


Strategy & Discovery

At Lynx Softech, we are dedicated to delivering intuitive, user-friendly software solutions to our clients and staying at the forefront of the latest technology trends through constant innovation.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

At Lynx Softech, we provide Business Intelligence solutions that enable our clients to make data-driven decisions with confidence.